Welcome to my new website! The plan is to gradually add stuff and make the site more informative and interactive. I’ll keep all the news as up to date as much as possible so please keep coming back……..and hopefully there’ll be something new for you to enjoy everytime!...

Lunalounge gig

The James Pusey Group are playing tonight at the Lunalounge in Leytonstone featuring : James Pusey (guitar), Brandon Allen (sax), Jules Jackson (bass) and Elliott Henshaw (drums). We’ll be playing lots of original music plus a few contemporary jazz standards. Drop by...

Planning for gig

Planning for the James Pusey Group gig on Sunday @ The Lunalounge in Leytonstone. So much to do…..write charts, organise the band….oh and practice the tunes! Please come down to the gig if you’re free.:-)

In the studio..

Had a fun day in the studio today tracking some stuff for a show. Mainly Motown stuff today, I haven’t played some of those tunes in years!


I’ve just booked a trip to Mumbai, India for some sitar study with my teacher and guru Pandit Arvind Parikh. I’m really looking forward to the trip and I’m sure I’ll be learning a lot while I’m there……and doing some well needed riyaz (practice)! Now need to prepare...