2010 has been a busy year so far! My first album “First Chapter” has been released and is now available on iTunes. I’ve been busy booking some gigs for my band, check out the gig list and come and to one of the gigs if you’re around. Also if you’re interested in booking the band……….email me!

I’ve got other projects on the go this year. I’m writing for an album project with drummer Ali Van Ryne. We’ve had a groove based thing going for a few years called Jam Van 5 and the album will be the next incarnation of that band.

I’ve also got a fun covers band project with Ian King (bass), Simon Heeley (keys), Elliott Henshaw (drums) and Jono McNeil (vox), We’re currently getting a set together of our favorite songs. What a killin’ set that will be!! Gigs to come later in the year!