Arrived in Mumbai, India just over a day ago.  I seem to have adapted quite easily to the hectic city life this time………the am0unt of people, cars, taxis, people trying to sell you things, the heat, the vast contrast of the very rich and very poor living side by side. All in all an amazing place that everyone should visit to get some perspective on life.

Most of this morning was spent trying to find some wi-fi activity. The Fariyas Hotel where we are staying supposidly has wi-fi, the one flaw in this is that there seems to be a block on all webpages where you need to login…..great for locating the nearest place to eat but useless for sending/receiving emails, Facebook, Skype etc…….something they should really sort out! Anyway, after a couple of failed attempts at coffee shops that were meant to have wi-fi but it wasn’t working today, we found the Woodside Inn which is at the Regal Cinema end of Colaba Causeway. A great little restaurant/bar…..trying to be a bit like an English bar but the decor suggested German beer house…but the wi-fi worked….top marks, will be going back there again!

Musically this trip is looking good…..went for my first sitar lesson last night with my guru Pandit Arvind Parikh. He is such a giving person and always makes me feel most welcome when in Mumbai. Of course the talim (tuition) I receive is world class and full of gems! Last night we covered Raga Chandrakauns, a Raga similar in structure to Raga Malkauns which I’ve played for many years. We did some alap and then a vilambit gat and drut gat in teental. I’m just off to my second lesson now and tonight I’m hoping we’ll begin looking at the Malhar ragas…….a group of ragas traditionally played at monsoon which I have yet to look into.

I’ll try and post some pics and more news as it develops….so come back soon!