It’s turning into a busy year again!

I’ve had some positive feedback on my album and a few gigs off the back of it. The gigs have been fun, still need to lure more punters down to some of these venues that are slightly out of town………more gigs are booked in for Sept onwards so I’ll be on the hard sell again soon!

I’m currently learning some material for the Teak Project gig on July 6th with Jonathan Mayer (sitar) and Neil Craig (tabla). Some very challenging material with a variety of different time signatures!

On the freelance side things are good…..I’m still doing my regular gig in the West End (Priscilla : The Musical) and I’ve just been booked to play in the band for the new John Barrowman (Torchwood, Desperate Housewives) TV show “Tonights The Night”. Filming starts this week, so for the next 6-7 weeks I’ll be flying from London to Glasgow (where it will be filmed) every saturday night for filming on the sunday.

More updates to follow…….