“Why don’t things work!”?

Although this has been a wonderful trip….I would like a small rant!

1- The first hotel we stayed at that offered high-speed wi-fi in every room. Well, first of all, you couldn’t access any webpage that required a login/password….so email was useless!! After a few days they seemed to sort it out so we could then send/receive emails but it was still anything but high speed.
2- Ok, I understand the need for security and I’d rather be safe than sorry. I of course understand the increased need for this security at The Taj Hotel after the attacks in 2008 but why on earth don’t they have a system that works? The security itself is fine but the in/out system doesn’t seem to work. Pedestrians are not allowed in (what appears to be a pedestrian in/out gate but is in fact a pedestrian out only gate!) the pedestrian gate at the side but have to walk right around the front of the hotel, trying to dodge cars etc to ultimately come in via the entrance that is used for all vehicles. So rather than walk straight in through the first gate and up to the security checks (about 20 metres if that) you have to walk round the long way, dodging cars and probably tripling the distance you have to walk. I bought this up with the manager of the Taj and he said that they do “profile” checks on the way in. Hmm, why can’t they do them at the other gate or do they do them on the way out too…. maybe the security guards could multitask?
3- Airport Internet…. advertised all over the airport as free wi-fi. First of all there’s only a few places where you can get decent signal and when you do get signal you have to send a text to get a login number. It doesn’t say how much the text costs but I’m guessing it’s not free! So free Internet….is a lie! But a good signal strength throughout the airport would be a good start.
4- BA flight…..ok, I think I might watch a film….the headphones they supply are rubbish, that’s ok I have my own…..great the connector in the seat is so bad I only get sound on one side!! Argh!!

Rant over! ☺